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Twilight of Day released in June 2011. Dick wrote the title track, "Twilight of Day" and "For a Nickel and a Song". Songwriter Joe LaMay from Kentucky penned "Sailor's Curse" and Adirondack songwriter Roy Hurd wrote "Wild Mountain Flower". 

Tearin' Up The Line, released in May 2004 with Becky Buller on fiddle, Junior Barber on dobro.
The CD includes 15 songs, traditional and original material. The featured song is one written by Dick Atkinson, "Tearin' Up the Line". The song is based on true events inspired by the closing of an iron ore mine, Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation in Star Lake, NY in the 1970s. Also by Dick Atkinson, "Free and Easy Blues", "Raven's Flight" and "Still He Said He Didn't Love Her". Other originals include, "Hazel" (a song inspired by Miss Hazel Dickens), "My Burdens Are Heavey", "Photograph" and "Grandmother" by Shelene Atkinson; "Marbletown" by Joe LaMay; "Rest My Weary Feet" by Becky Buller; "Mama Put Down That Picture by Sherri Reese; and "Long Long Road" by Barb Heller.

JAYVILLE STATION, released June 2018.  Elizabeth George -"I must say you all are incredible musicians.  The cover of Willin' was sublime.  Lowell would be proud."   "The Atkinsons historical selections and perspective on such songs as "Hattie Covey", "Big Steel Train", Beulah Belle and Elmer" and others including the musical adaptation of Jimmie Rodgers "Hobo" are treasures."-Izzie and Albert Worthen.  A wonderful collection of original songs about hard times, coal mines, trains and small hometown living written by Liza and Shelene Atkinson and Angus Rod Fraser. Some traditional and some unique bluegrass style songs.  Guests include Nick Piccininni, Ron Casler, and others.

Angels Rejoice released on the MasterShield Label in May 2008 . "A creative composition that reflects the genius of this band. They have their own unique sound that sets them apart from other bluegrass bands. Their creativity will have them in great demand. The instrumentation here is haunting and memorable."     Wayne Bledsoe, KMST

Listen to the Radio, released in July 2005 with fiddler Doug Bartlett.
The featured song is one written by Dick Atkinson, "The Silo Stands Alone". This song is about the disappearing family farm. Also by Dick Atkinson, "Paper Shoes" is about a homeless man that is dying. Other originals include, "I'll Find My Savior Waiting", "Broken Dream of Love" and "Sweet Little Angel" by Shelene Atkinson; "A Short Walk In Time" by Liza Atkinson; "Maryville" by Joe LaMay and "Takin' A Ride to the Country" by Barb Heller.

ENCORE at the Town Hall Theatre, recorded live at the Bainbridge Town Hall with special guest Nick Piccininni on fiddle.  There are 21 of  our best songs from the evening, recorded in spring of 2015.